Zenitar 50mm f/1.2 APS-C Lens

$3,600.00 HKD -

Zenitar 50mm F1.2 は明るい単焦点のマニュアルフォーカスレンズです。

* 対応センサーサイズ: APS-C
* 焦点距離:50mm
* F値: F1.2~F16
* マニュアル・フォーカス
* レンズ構成:8枚7群
* 絞り羽:8枚
* コーティング:マルチコーティング
* 最短撮影距離: 0.45m
* フィルター径 : 58mm
* 重量:675g

* Zenitar 50mm f/1.2
* 前後レンズキャップ(2個)
* レンズケース、ストラップ

Zenitar S 50 mm 1.2 is a standard ultra-fast lens with a fixed focal length and manual control, designed for digital and film Canon EOS cameras (crop-factor 1.5). Intended for APS-C size sensors. When used on 24х36 mm full frame, there can be a vignetting. 8-blades lens diaphragm has an almost round shape, which allows getting blurred background. High fixed aperture ensures ease of use, provides precise control over the depth of field and gives excellent results when shooting in low-light. Multi-coated lens effectively prevents from glare and reflections, which often distort images. The lens gives high-quality images with the uniform brightness, sharpness and clarity, high contrast and accurate color reproduction. The kit includes lens caps (front and rear), which protect the lens from scratches, case and a manual. The small size and weight create facilities for amateur and professional photography. The lens will be a good assistant in portrait and landscape photography.


* Format: APS-C
* Focal length: 50mm
* Relative aperture: maximum - minimum f/1.2 - f/16
* Focusing: manual
* Optical scheme: 8 elements / 7 groups
* Number of blades: 8
* Multicoated: Yes
* Minimum focusing distance: 0.45 m
* Filter size: 58mm
* Weight: 675g

     Package Content:

    * Zenitar 50mm f/1.2
    * Front and rear lens caps
    * Lens case and strap